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The INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

INFN: Mission and Origins

The INFN - the National Institute of Nuclear Physics - is an organization dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter, and conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear, and astroparticle physics.

Fundamental research in these areas requires the use of cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation, which the INFN develops both in its own laboratories and in collaboration with the world of industry.

Research activity at the INFN is carried out at two complementary types of facilities: the Divisions (Sezioni) and the National Laboratories.
Each of the 19 Divisions is located at a university physics department. The Divisions thus provide a direct connection between the Institute and the academic world. This is the Sezione Cagliari site located in Sardinia.

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