Scientific Program

program time-table in pdf format


Hard and electromagnetic probes play a key role in the study of the strongly interacting matter created in high energy heavy-ion collisions. Measurements and theoretical developments, over the last two decades, determined a significant advancement in the understanding of hot QCD matter.
Hard probes have a central role in the LHC heavy-ion programme, that started in 2010 and will be continued and expanded by new measurements in 2011 and beyond. As the research programme continues at RHIC, the future holds the promise for further significant advances in the coming years. Hard Probes is the main conference series dedicated to hard and electromagnetic probes and related topics. Following a well-established tradition, the scientific program will be concentrated on:
  • Jets
  • High transverse momentum hadrons and correlations
  • Heavy flavour and quarkonia
  • Photons and dileptons
  • Initial state phenomena
A one-day student session with selected lectures will be organized on Sunday, May 27. Plenary sessions will take place in the morning from Monday, May 28 to Friday, June 1. Parallel sessions are planned on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The poster session will take place on Tuesday evening.